For those who are going to fly for the first time, we have prepared detailed instructions for use of the airports. Tips and life hacks — are included. (more…)

A trip to the Angkor Wat in the Siem Reap province places you at a comfortable distance from another amazing place in Cambodia, the Chong Khneas, the most famous of its floating villages. (more…)

This is a question that sooner or later begins to decide for himself / herself independent traveler or tourist. (more…)

There are many locations which are worth visiting in Cambodia and many of them are located in Battambang city, the provincial capital of Battambang province situated in the north-western region of the country. (more…)

The choice of accommodation is a very important issue for any traveler. Their secrets shared a well-known blogger Ilya Varlamov. (more…)

The Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), located right in the heart of Glasgow’s city centre, is an ideal place to start whilst visiting the city. (more…)

The natural excitement of the unknown, and maybe even stress, prevent potential passenger focus in training camp. (more…)

“…I have be sure to bring this dress. And this…And this… And this is the suit my husband. We so look spectacular at the party together when it this shirt, and I like this blouse. So. And in what form we will appear on the beach? We need our favorite shorts to put on two or three shirts, so as not to scorch. Towels. Mask, fins…Oh! And how does all this fit in our favorite suitcase?” (more…)

To gather in the journey is always interesting and exciting! (more…)

One of the most important components of good vacation is the right choice of hotel. (more…)

At the end of the 20th century, Turkey became the third country which is discovered the Russians who dared to go on vacation a little further is a little familiar country — Cyprus, and Spain. (more…)

Of course, the price of the bus tours you’ll be travelling by plane, the trip turns out budget, and places included in these tours a lot more, so many tourists choose this budget type of transport to move. (more…)

Agree, vacation with children, whether it is independent travel or a ready-made tour, imposes on the parents of some limitations, isn’t it? (more…)

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When we travel we try to spend less money and wish that the economy has not affected the quality of our stay. (more…)

5 subtle nuances of hotels on the website that you need to know
For many, the phrase “book hotels online and book hotel” are synonymous. (more…)

Real romance, true travellers and lovers of the great literary works I know firsthand the outstanding Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. (more…)

Cambodia is a colorful country, with a beautiful culture known for its colors, beauty and music around the world. (more…)