10 cool hotel tips

10 cool hotel tips

When we travel we try to spend less money and wish that the economy has not affected the quality of our stay. It turns out, to name a few in hotels, a lot of services for free. Hotels24.ua prepared 10 hotel Lithgow, which you could not think.

1. Charging without charger

If you need to recharge your phone or any gadget, and the charger was not on hand, you can do it in the hotel room. It turns out that rooms outlet box always remains on even if the electricity is off in the entire room. So that the phone or other gadgets can be charged until you return from walks in the room. Another option in the absence of a charger or adapter at the local outlet is to charge the desired device from the usb port on the TV. Often in hotels you need to insert the card into the special slot in order to connect the electricity. In this case, the card can be replaced, for example a business card and then, while you are out, the air conditioner will not shut off and the room is cooled, and can charge any mobile devices.

2. Upgrade room at check-in

Not everyone knows that many hotels in the world provides the service of upgrading room surcharge at check-in. At the same time, from a hotel when it has a sufficient number of rooms available, you can get a good room for the same price. The important point is that the hotel is attached is not a concrete number, and category of rooms, with rooms of the same category may vary slightly. Therefore, getting the room key, you can check with the administrator whether it is possible to conduct a tour of the rooms in this category. Thus it is possible to select, for example, a room with a better view or a room where the furniture placed according to your taste.

3. Discard the crumpled clothes

Nowadays, frequent travel is an integral part of the lives of business people. At the same things in a trip is not going to surround suitcase and a small travel bag. As a result, necessary clothing is rumpled. Almost every hotel it is possible to order Laundry, but to be friendly with the maid and offer her a tip, then get ironed linen day.

4. Table setting in room

If the hotel in which you reside does not provide food , and you want to save money the bought ingredients to cook yourself a quick Breakfast and dinner. Or you used to frequent eating, or maybe just decided to treat myself with sweets. In any case should not rush to lay your table with plastic utensils. It turns out that guests at any hotel are entitled to the provision of plates and Cutlery on request.

5. Best anniversary Suite

If you contact the hotel in advance that you are celebrating, for example, a wedding anniversary, then most of the hotels you will be offered a special room with a large bed. A romantic holiday will decorate champagne, chocolates, fruit, and morning room service can deliver Breakfast. To take advantage of this offer sometimes possible and couples, who will say that it’s their anniversary.

7. Instead of an alarm clock

If you need a loud alarm clock, you can put your cell phone into a tea Cup or glass that would amplify the sound well. In addition, this method enables listening to music without disturbing the neighbors and not to hear others.

8. Pillow menu

There are many hotels, the administration of which offer their guests a pillow menu. Among them you can choose the pillow softer or more rigid. And another one that reduces snoring or completely weightless that will help you easily Wake up. European hotels provide this service free of charge.

9. Many issues— courtesy

Since the settlement is to be polite to all the clerks at the hotel. The ability to properly explain the problem, without scandals, will allow more effectively to defend their rights. In cases when the number does not match the description or there is something broken, gentle visitor, the administration will go forward. As compensation can be obtained, for example, an upgrade or additional discounts. A polite chat with the cleaning staff ensures the cleanliness of the room and other nice bonuses.

10. The rule of nine “S”

Hotels have many rules, but the most interesting of them is the rule of nine “S”. This rule consists of a list of items that guests can freely pick up when you check out. Because these items are one time use or are for advertising.

What you can take from the hotel:

  1. Soap
  2. Shampoo
  3. Shower gel
  4. Shower cap
  5. Sewing kit (needle bed of thread)
  6. Stationery (pen, notepad)
  7. Shoe Shine Kits – kit for shoes cleaning
  8. Slippers


In addition, you can take the Newspapers or magazines. And all other items should be left in the room, so as not to pay the fine.

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