5 rules from Paulo Coelho

5 rules from Paulo Coelho

Real romance, true travellers and lovers of the great literary works I know firsthand the outstanding Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. He wrote many books about love, life, spiritual quest, using their own unique and rich experience of traveling around the world. And such an outstanding person can know everything about how to make your trip exciting, so interesting and full of pleasant impressions! So, read with pleasure 5 travel tips from Paulo Coelho.

Travel tips from Paulo Coelho allows you to see the most unexpected part of each city, meet amazing people and to witness the wonders of our unique world.

1. Visit the cafes and restaurants

When visiting cafes and restaurants of the new town or resort, you can diversify your vacation. And the reason is not familiar with the unique culinary delights of local tradition. Paulo Coelho I am there, where people gather to talk about God or the Universe, you can access the most incredible part of his inner world and even to know oneself. Purchase a newspaper and mastitis comfortably in the popular cafes and watch the visitors and passers-by. Keep the conversation going if appropriate. Remember that it is difficult to see the splendor of your roads, looking at her through the closed doors of the heart.

2. Be open to strangers

The professional guides can become local residents. They know many interesting facts about their city, proud of its heritage and willing to share this pride with tourists. Without hesitation to go outside, meet people, learning from them the way to tourist attractions for example. Do not worry if you do not succeed the first time. The universe will surely give you a wonderful guide and pleasant companion.

3. Travel alone or with a partner

Only when traveling in romantic solitude or with a partner (friend, lover, relative) you can really get away from all the peculiarities of his native country. When the tour groups get only to simulate the journey. After continued talk in your language and follow the instructions of the guide. Thus, it is impossible to tune for new impressions, and dissolve in the atmosphere of the long-awaited city.

4. There is no comparison!

Travel tips from Paulo Coelho simply could not do without strict plans and philosophy. So, following advice from the romantic Brazilian: “No comparison!”. Really not worth it there is nothing to compare during your trip. The cost of food and rooms in hotels or the standard of living and ease of transportation. This is just to waste your energy on empty experiences. It is better to notice more unusual, such which you will not find in his native country. In addition, in a new place you can learn a lot and broaden your horizons.

5. Don’t hurry

If you think that the day you can explore the pleasures of a new city, you are mistaken. Coelho, as an experienced traveller of our time, recommends to stay at least 5 days in one place. It’s better than to visit the 5 resorts for the week. Your journey should be measured, free from the bustle and tension. You need time and peace to truly fall in love with the city where you have so long wished to come. Don’t limit yourself with a visit to the most popular attractions. Follow wherever is the desire of your soul!

Use on your trip unique travel tips from Paulo Coelho. And even better grab on the road one of his amazing books. Romantic mood and inspiration you provided!


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