5 subtle nuances of hotels on the website booking.com that you need to know

5 subtle nuances of hotels on the website booking.com that you need to know

5 subtle nuances of hotels on the website booking.com that you need to know
For many, the phrase “book hotels online and book hotel booking.com” are synonymous.

Today I want to talk about some of the subtle nuances of booking.com you should know before booking.

1. Payment in hotel and not on the website

Despite the fact that you indicate your credit card details when booking, any money from you booking.com not gets. You pay for the hotel, not when booking. Your card serves only to guarantee the booking, full payment for the accommodation you are already on arrival to the hotel.

The hotel has the right to do so-called pre-authorised – that is, to block on your account the security Deposit. This means that the money is frozen until the moment you will pay the hotel in full upon arrival. And then thawed.

It is worth considering that sometimes the process of “defrosting” of money may take up to 30 days, but because , just in case you should have a double reserve of funds – for “frozen” on the card for payment at the hotel.

2. Your card details will know not only you

booking.com uses your card details for one purpose only – to transfer them to the hotel for pre-authorization, which we said in the first paragraph. This means that all the data required for the write-off of money, fall into the hands of unfamiliar persons.

As a rule, from 5* hotels not a problem. But if you book an obscure hotel in a country like Ukraine, we recommend you to treat this fact very carefully. After all, the attacker (for example, retired hotel administrator), has received your data, you may use them to pay for online time. Such cases were.

At least, to impose restrictions on the maximum amount to your card.

3. Pay attention to the rate

You can often see two or even more prices on the same room. In this case, carefully read the booking rules for each of the variants. It is likely that in case lower prices do not include cancellation or missing meals.

In addition, there is a sufficient number of special fares with certain restrictions: when booking for a specified number of nights, only in a specific date range, and the like.

Such restrictions also may be due to the difference in price compared to other booking systems.


4. Your additional comments – the right of property, and not his responsibility
Since booking.com almost fully automated system, your additional wishes (for example, a room on the top floor and early check in) will not be taken into account when booking. This means that to respond to them will be the staff of the hotel after your booking confirmation.

This is important if you are booking a hotel a non-refundable rate. That is, if for you important, for example, type of bedding, and the hotel will not be able to provide it to abandon the numbers are already likely to be impossible.

We recommend you contact the hotel before booking and ask for written confirmation of the services you need.

5. Without a visa

A very important point – most of the European consulates do not accept as confirmed hotel booking (a required document for the visa) voucher from booking.com (in fairness – and other known reservation systems, too). This means that if you book hotel on booking.com you will not be able to obtain a Schengen visa in most cases.

If you are going to go to Europe, be sure to ask whether the for the consulship the booking from the Internet, to protect yourself from loss of time and money.

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