Especially travel with children. Where to go?

Especially travel with children. Where to go?

Agree, vacation with children, whether it is independent travel or a ready-made tour, imposes on the parents of some limitations, isn’t it? Absolutely everything you need to satisfy: the climate, place, hotel, animation services, medical centre, availability of children’s programming, games room, meals, highchairs in the dining room, finally.

It would seem that without all these things you can do. But as soon as the question of choice of place of stay with the child gets an edge as soon as one problem after another. And that’s fine. Think about it, because you want to relax, isn’t it? Relax with the whole family and not go crazy because of the baby and the constant hassle. Of course, there is always the option to go with my grandmother, who will be your child’s babysitter while you are relaxing, but this possibility is not at all and, besides, grandmother also need to rest. Take the vacation nanny – this option is also not for everyone.

So, are you going on vacation with the whole family. The primary task that needs to stand in front of you, so to choose a place of rest, to rest without problems and accidents all the members of your family. Of course, if you have a child plodding, not capricious, easily adaptable to any conditions and you do not depart a single step, you have nothing to worry about. But this behavior, as a rule, not peculiar to children. So we have some work to do.

To start, you need to choose the right country. Believe me, not all countries are adapted for guests with children. Any such stay will cost you, Oh, how cheap. Currently, the most popular countries for families with children to tourists from the CIS countries are Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia. Turkey even an order of magnitude more popular for this type of holiday. But, of course, many other countries, including European, welcoming you to take. Only in this case it is necessary to find out all about power, property and services for children. As a rule, the description of the hotels available, but better to check with all the managers of travel agencies with a condition if they clearly have this information. You can also follow the advice of friends or look for online reviews of hotels, to have a full understanding. When planning a holiday with a child should be reasonable. Should not go to the first hotel, not to spoil your holiday.

What counts? Health, diet, mode and interesting pastime. Consider options that meet these requirements are the criteria of choice of destinations to travel with children.

THE CHILD’S HEALTH ON VACATION Try to plan your vacation so that the climate where you reside at the time of vacation, was close to the climate of the selected country. For example, if you are going on a beach holiday, plan your holiday for the summer. Then there will be tangible for the body temperature changes, acclimatization for the child’s body will pass without any problems and you do not have to run to the doctors. This is especially true of those parents who have the child is often sick. Change of climate and time zones results in the human body in a state of stress for children and an unprepared organism it is doubly difficult. So try to avoid sudden changes in temperature.

It is better to plan a vacation for 2 weeks or possibly even longer, but in any case not less. This is to ensure that your child has time to relax. Several days are required for adaptation and acclimatization and return the same. All of the benefits of relaxation, stress from the climate and change of time zones to nullify. So try to increase the vacation time to create a comfortable environment for a child during the holidays. Many parents would rest with the child in shifts, overlapping for some time. For example, the mother goes with the child for two weeks. After a week comes the Pope. We party together a week, and then mom goes home to work, and another week the baby is resting with dad. Thus, the child is 3 weeks of healthy holiday by the sea.

Be sure to check all the features of your health insurance policy, in case you have to go to the doctor. Choose a hotel with a presence of a medical item, so you know that there’s a doctor who will help if something happens.

Find out what the hotel beach. It is clear that in order to avoid injuries of all kinds, it is better to choose sandy beach and clean sea with sandy gradual entrance and presence in a sea of “pen” for children. Typically, such a “fence” fenced by special buoys and are in shallow water.

Specify the approximate temperature of the water, information about the course in this place of frivolity. In some places can be cold currents, or, as in the winter in Egypt, a strong cold wind that can adversely affect the child’s body.

Besides the sea and the beach needs to clarify about the pools – is there hotel children’s pools, heated if there is water, how deep in them and other such nuances.

Stock up on sunscreen. Delicate baby skin can easily get burned. And if, unfortunately, the child got burned, you have to be the necessary creams and ointments for burns.


If your child eats well and not fussy about food, you’re in luck! If all the contrary, you’d better take the system All inclusive/All inclusive. In this case, you can offer your child any food from the assortment. Importantly, everything was fresh and the taste is similar to European food, so try all the dishes first.

And be careful with local food. They also, before you give your child, try it yourself. On the system “All inclusive” you will always be in the presence of water and varied food in any quantity and at any time. You will not depend on the menu and to spend money on something that your child after the order is not there.

Carefully watch what your child eats. Unusual food or poorly washed fruits can cause intestinal upset. So, even if you are in the dining room, take fruit, take a look at them and ask whether they are washed. Sometimes, next to put a bowl for washing or do not wash thoroughly. And above all, be sure to follow the water that you drink, you and your children. In some countries, in no case should not drink water from the tap, and sometimes tap water is not even suitable for cleaning the teeth. Consumption of such water may lead to serious consequences, which, of course, unnecessary.

On the system “All inclusive” often you can dine in the restaurant on the beach, but there is, as a rule, give pasta, pizza, burgers, fries and such kind of food.

You can, of course, a couple of times to please the child of a local fast food, but better not be lazy, change clothes, and a full lunch in the main restaurant with normal food. MODE It would seem, well what is the mode? If in Kiev the child goes to 10, then there will fall asleep. But, no! Time zones are shifted and the child needs adaptation. Try to maximize quietly and gradually change the sleep time of the child. Choose a hotel for family rest and rest with children.

Sometimes unknowingly parents with a baby on holiday fall in the youth hotel, where the night music plays and all day fun. In this case is generally problematic to put the baby to sleep day and night. And from the lack of sleep will follow and whims, and other related problems.


Holiday for a child should be interesting. The kid switched very quickly, he is interested in everything. If the child gets bored, they will get it for you! Find out about the availability of the hotel of children’s animation, games room, children’s playgrounds, may work with children, Russian-speaking staff and Babysitting services.

It would be great to choose a hotel where there is a children’s pool with children’s slides. The child would find that interesting. Again the hotel will provide you with all these aspects and ensure that the property primarily adapted for a family vacation with children and youth. In this hotel, as a rule, a lot of children and your child will be able to find a peer for games and interesting pastime.

Especially traveling with a child


It is only in our country, children on the sandbox ones don’t let go. To school — with his parents, in theatre — with the teacher, and if you walk, it is only a group of not less than five. The fact that the Ukrainian child one went to visit grandma, who lives, say, from Kiev in Brovary, and speech can not be.

Meanwhile, abroad, the children are literally from childhood begin to travel independently by Bicycle, by car, by train, on foot, finally.

From the story of tourists traveling with their child. “In the former countries of the USSR acted the principle: nothing should disturb favourites, this was a made-up fact that children up to 3-4 years harmful to go somewhere. In our country there is no pleasure to travel with the child. But once outside the border with DotA we appreciated that it is not hard and fun to relax with the baby. There in hotels and private pensions, apartments and bed and wheelchair. We were at the hotel in Prague was preparing everything we asked for (never had a puree, and there was). In Croatia the hostess when settled brought extra bed “if the baby upiraetsya”. So the successful birth and travel.

And send everyone who will tell stories about the dangers for a child. And don’t forget to take a suitcase of drugs on all occasions.”

However, each airline has its own rules of transportation of children flying unaccompanied. And before booking a ticket, we highly recommend you to read them. Both Ukrainian and foreign airlines have strict age limits for children travelling alone. For example, our airline is not taking on Board their aircraft children-individuals under the age of two years, and Dutch KLM to five years. But for children older than five, the Dutch developed a special program Junior Jet: the child receives the special status of the passenger and from the moment you check in until arrival at final destination is receiving special attention from the staff of KLM. “Single” cling on clothing with a special badge that says Junior Jet, for a molded Luggage with bright stickers, moreover, showered with gifts and otherwise pleasuring during the flight. But the rules, British Airways, Air France and Finnair clearly does not specify what age child can fly unaccompanied. It says only that “children under 12 years can travel on their own.” So parents, when booking a flight English, French or Finnish airline, should know if their minor child to a “single” flight.


One adult passenger may travel with a 90% discount one child under the age of two years (without extra bed). Norm of free baggage allowance for the baby is 10 kg. At the request of the passenger can book a separate seat for him, but in this case, the ticket is issued as for a child up to 12 years. For the second, third and other kids up to two years, flying with one adult, tickets would be issued as for children up to 12 years. Child up to 12 years, usually issued with a ticket for a 67% (according to some fares — 75%) of the cost of an adult ticket. The percentage discount on special fares regulated by special rules.

The ticket guarantees a seat and free baggage in accordance with the service class.


With the placement won’t be a problem if the administration was warned in advance. Child(under 2 years), of course ,lives free. All hotels have beds for children, with several types. This can be a playpen, bed for small or standard additional bed for older children. The four — and five-star hotels, the bath is sterile, and the child can bathe directly in them. With diapers and other necessary things abroad there are no problems, but it is better to purchase home since it is cheaper. Toys resorts are sold everywhere and are generally much cheaper than we do. Most of the hotels planned so that rooms with sea view overlook the pool with an adjacent bar to it. Music until late at night, loud voices for the child too noisy. To open the window at night you can not, under the conditioning, the baby can get cold, so a sea view, it is better to sacrifice.

For children over the years in the five-star and some four star hotels have day and night babysitter (nanny). It costs $10-15 per hour.


While at home, just to know what will happen is your child difficult. Information is to ensure that a special children’s table to eat now. But this does not mean that it will suit the baby. First, this table is designed for children who already have teeth. Secondly, he’s not always special, so it is better to choose a hotel for young guests. In the resort shops familiar to our children’s nutrition most often missing. Other brands may not be suitable because of different water composition. Save the mill. Baby can grind food for adults.


It is not necessary to go to the resort in the heat, when the thermometer through the roof for 35. Children as badly as the long road. So for a family trip is best to choose April-June or September-October. At this time, the beaches are much quieter, and the ticket will be cheaper than in the tourist peak.

Moreover, acclimatisation in children takes much longer than adults.

Therefore, the child really had time to experience all the amenities of resort living and a good rest, the trip should take an average of 21 a day, or better yet a month. And certainly not less than 2 weeks. So, if one of the parents can not allocate on a family vacation for so long, it makes sense to order the longer (term) vacation package for one of them and the baby.

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