Features travel by bus

Features travel by bus

Of course, the price of the bus tours you’ll be travelling by plane, the trip turns out budget, and places included in these tours a lot more, so many tourists choose this budget type of transport to move. We offer to understand in more detail the features of traveling in Europe by bus.

Fashion for budget travel in Europe by bus introduced in the seventies of the students from England who, during summer vacation, toured the European countries the big companies. Now tourists successfully combine culture with shopping, because of the strict schedule of the travel. The route of travel is known before departure, so you can effectively plan your free time.

Convenient that the bus travel in a group you can go to one, but in the way to meet fellow travelers. Thus, you will always have someone close with whom you can share experiences, ask them to photograph themselves on the background of attractions. The journey is certainly headed for at least one maintainer with knowledge of languages, who will conduct tours, organize tourist group, and two drivers.

Going to Europe for the first time, it is better to choose a few countries with well-known cities. As for night journeys, here all individually: modern bus assumes the presence of comfortable reclining chairs, a TV, toilet and kitchenette but will not replace proper rest in bed. Moreover, overnight at the hotel within the tour is cheap because of the group discounts and inconvenient location along the highways away from the city. It is not recommended to travel by bus to overweight individuals over the 56 size, high tourists more than 195 cm, and also children up to seven years and seniors over 75.

Please note that the tour bus you must have money to spare, as there will be foreseen and unforeseen situations and expenses: meals, excursions, Souvenirs, fines (e.g., for Smoking in a public place, the trash, the import of meat and dairy products to the EU territory). The most unpleasant thing is to get lost and fall behind the group. Then catch the bus will have his own expense. In this case always keep in my backpack for the bus route, information and hotels, telephone number, escort and PhraseBook. Fortunately, with the advent of navigation devices and mobile Internet, tourists have become easier to navigate in unfamiliar cities.

For one trip during the bus tour you have the opportunity to see several cities and even countries. Usually it happens that a tourist first makes a tour of several countries, and so the next time you go in most any country. Tourists love that they have little walking if they chose the bus tour. The bus will bring – will take to the hotel, shopping Mall, hotel.

But you need to be prepared for some inconvenience during the bus tour:

  • You have to live according to a strict schedule – meals, hotels, sightseeing tours and lift – all strictly by the hour.
  • Inconvenience experience if you sit too much and have to sit really quite virtually the whole journey.
  • Do not forget about unexpected situations – traffic jams, delays at the border, breakage of the bus.
  • The main disadvantage of bus tours is that you will have to live mostly in cheap hotels. It does not suit everybody.

In any case, a tour bus will give you lots of bright impressions and emotions. In any case, a tour bus will give you lots of bright impressions and emotions.

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