Holidays in Turkey — secrets, and tips

Holidays in Turkey — secrets, and tips

At the end of the 20th century, Turkey became the third country which is discovered the Russians who dared to go on vacation a little further is a little familiar country — Cyprus, and Spain. Around the mid-nineties Antalya, you can say, broke into the tourist market with his “the all-inclusive”, low price new large hotels. Hotels with pools and restaurants, shopping and the warm sea — experience for the first visit to Turkey was more than enough! As time went on, the newly minted foreign tourists began slowly, getting off in flocks, and warily looking around, to crawl beyond the territory of the hotels. For many Turkey and to this day remains the only large outdoor bar, next to which, it seems, is and sea. But fortunately, more of our fellow citizens consciously come to visit this amazing country with a rich history.

Of course, one of the great advantages of Turkey are a warm sea (and three of them at once), warm sun and magnificent scenery. And here, too, more beneficiaries will be those who are left cluttered with sun loungers the beach area will go in search of a little bit of wilderness, cascading mountain stream with ice water, protruding into the sea ridges of stones, under which they live funny crabs… a Leisurely stroll along the beach, barefoot and in legs will bring a lot of fun if you know how to enjoy the little discoveries. The holiday is traditionally associated with peaceful sleep until dinner, but once sacrifice your morning slumber and go to the beach to see the sunrise. Grab the camera — pictures come out wonderful!

In addition to favorite beach holidays, Turkey offers ski slopes, shopping and a lot of different excursions. Their choice depends on the region of the country and your desire to see ancient monuments or natural attractions. However, there is one universal advice. Ask in advance tour program district in which go. Choosing what you want to visit, look at reputable sources for more information. And on arrival into place, you’ll know what we’re dealing with.

And marvel at in Turkey prepared person. The protected natural area, the unique landscape of Cappadocia, the hot springs of Pamukkale, the dazzling Imperial grandeur of Istanbul, the superbly preserved ruins of ancient cities. Turkey is often called the cradle of great civilizations. The curious traveler will find here Roman amphitheater, ancient Byzantine churches, Seljuk caravanserais and, of course, mosques of the Ottoman Empire.

About mosques, it would be necessary to tell separately. Officially Turkey is a secular Republic, but Islam is practiced by 99 % of the population. Muslim tradition, a particular way of life of the citizens of Turkey — all this in itself is curious for the Slav. Showing cultural interest, it is important not to forget about tact and sense of proportion. Not visit every mosque possible for tourism purposes, however, if you had a chance to still get one of them, it is using the following simple rules: remove shoes, cover head with a shawl and, of course, not to be in beach attire.

Real Turkey as it is — without fake decorations for the lowly visitors — will open the most patient and brave, not afraid to go with hard-Packed trails. And what will your stay in Turkey depends only on you!

While planning your vacation, think about how often and how far you drive. Maybe rent a car in Turkey right will be not only the most convenient but also the most profitable option.

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