How to choose a hotel Guide

How to choose a hotel Guide

One of the most important components of good vacation is the right choice of hotel.

The right choice of hotel is the key to a good holiday. We don’t often give this particular parameter values, but that the problems and inconvenience during your stay at the hotel can negate all the rest. Dnia provides several criteria by which tourists should choose hotels.

The expectation from the hotel

First of all you should define what you expect from the hotel. The room, service, food, entertainment, additional services – all this affects the travel experience.

Must be especially scrupulous attention to the choice of the hotel if you are traveling with children. Check in advance whether your hotel entertainment programme for children, amusement parks, Babysitting. If you go on a guided tour, pay attention to the location of the hotel, how quickly there you’ll be able to get to all the main attractions. In this case, the level and category of the hotel will not make much difference – because most likely you will come there only to sleep.

It is useful to know the features of the hotels in the country where you are going. Beach vacation in Spain or in Italy, for example, does not imply staying at this hotel all the time, so they have no animations, no variety of additional services.


When choosing a resort, you should ask whether the place is good option for youth recreation or designed for aged people, prefer to settle there family or independently traveling tourists. It is also worth considering, tourists come for a beach holiday or more for recovery. Not be amiss to find out what infrastructure at the resort and the cost of Breakfast/lunch/dinner in local cafes and restaurants.

The price

When planning a holiday you need to calculate how much you are willing to spend on housing. Sometimes the difference between the hotels 2* and 3* small, but the level of prices for additional services in the past. There is a rule – the more stars, the better, but make sure when choosing a hotel a little to abstract away from the star, and to begin to read the description and reviews.


In the world today there are over 30 different classifications of hotels. Distributed system of stars, letters, crowns and others. The most popular is the “star” system of classification. Stars denote the level of comfort and service in the hotel. Than the stars more, the hotel is considered better. This is a General rule for all.

One star means that the hotel all rooms of the same type, with an area of no more than 8-10 sq. m. Amenities are on the floor: bathroom and toilet shared for several rooms, a television in the lobby. The list of services a one star hotel does not include meals.

Hotel, room

Two stars talking about the fact that in these hotels there are several types of rooms. Usually, you will be offered Breakfast. The room is sure to be a toilet and bath or shower.

Three stars guarantee a presence in the room area of 10-12 square meters of TV, phone and Minibar (or fridge). As a rule, in such a hotel must be at least two objects, providing additional services: gym, pool, sauna, massage room, hairdresser’s salon, a business centre or meeting facilities. The room is sure to be a full bathroom where you will find shampoo, soap and shower gel.

Four stars indicate that the level of comfort and service in this hotel is much above average. The hotel will operate a bar and/or restaurant. Laundry, currency exchange, business center, required is a fitness centre with sauna and swimming pool. In addition to TV, phone and Minibar in the room would be safe, air conditioning and hair dryer. Room size is usually not less than 13 sq. m.

Five stars indicate the hotel of class “luxury”. The service here at the highest level. You will be greeted by the doorman, and your Luggage is taken care of by a porter. Room service in the hotel-optional Breakfast or a late dinner in the room. In addition to the standard set of services you will be provided with exclusive. The size of the rooms at least 16 sq. m.

It should be noted that denoted by the level of comfort may differ in different countries. In addition, the classifications of hotels in different countries can be very much:

Greece – letter symbols, where D is equal to 5*, And 4* to 3*, – 2*.

UK – star classification. Even in a hotel 1* there are all conditions for normal rest without special luxury. For particular categories of housing introduced their own symbols, for example, a “family” hotel, the “diamonds” apartment “keys”.

In France adopted stellar classification. However, here you will find the 5* hotel, such hotels are equal on a set of services to 4L (L – luxe). 2-3* hotels are taking tourists who are looking for an active holiday. The living conditions in them are good.

Italy is almost the same as in France, basically there is no 5* hotels except on expensive luxury resorts and major cities. Hotels 4L does not equate to 5*. It’s all the same 4*, but with a large set of services.

In Turkey the stellar classification. However, the quality of comfort in hotels of lower category leaves much to be desired. For example, hotels 2* agencies do not even offer. Most of the entertainment and additional services in hotels 3*-5* included in the price.

Malaysia – star classification, but the level of service is much higher. For example, a 4* hotel can be safely equated to European 5*hotel.
We must not forget that services in hotels of the same category in different countries. If you’re used to spacious rooms of Egypt or Turkey, you will not see this in the European hotel of the same category.

Power system

BB – Breakfast, HB – half Board (2 meals per day), FB – full Board (3 meals a day) and the system “All inclusive”. If you chose a hotel in Europe, you typically will offer BB, HB or FB. In the cities there are cafes and restaurants offering cuisine to suit all tastes and budgets, so the choice of the power system at your discretion.

If you are staying in the southern resorts, then be prepared for the popular system “All inclusive”. This system is prevalent in the resorts of Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey and several other countries.

Check in and check out

Hotel, reception

When checking into a hotel you need to remember two important factors: the time of settlement (check-in time) and departure time (check out time). These two parameters are individual for each hotel. Typically, the hotel check-in takes place after 14:00 check-in 11:00 -12:00, respectively at the apartment at 17:00 and 12:00. Some hotels allow early check in if there is availability, and late checkout in most cases you will have to pay.

And, if you leave the room with a delay of a few hours, then you will be charged the full room rate. Therefore it is useful to stipulate in advance the possibility of early arrival or late departure. Many hotels are going to meet the guests and do not find fault, if you leave the room for half an hour later.

If you have Luggage and you want to leave stuff in the hotel then do take care of their safety. Also not be amiss to ascertain the distance from the airport to the hotel and does the hotel provide Shuttle service.

Additional services

Going to a hot country, find out whether your room air conditioner. For someone important having a mini-bar, safe. But what about the view? Well, if the view from the window on the sea, and that if the Windows overlook the bustling street and you the whole night can’t sleep because? Therefore please ask rooms with sea view/mountain view/courtyard or if you are staying in the lively city centre, the presence of noise insulation Windows.


If you chose a beach holiday, then find out how far is the hotel from the beach (better to know exactly in metres, not minutes); does the hotel provide free loungers and sun beds; if there is no beach nearby, is there a free Shuttle from your hotel to the public beach. If you play sports, ask whether your hotel has a gym, swimming pool, sauna, etc. and, of course, check in advance: what services are free, and what will have to pay and how much.


It is often the tourists become a decisive factor when choosing a hotel. However, carefully review the information. You should not rely on the reviews a year ago and short comments. Pay attention to descriptive feedback, where the guests describe what they specifically liked or did not like. Such information will be very useful and will help to form a reliable impression of the hotel.

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