How to choose a hotel Part 2: tips for tourist

How to choose a hotel Part 2: tips for tourist

To gather in the journey is always interesting and exciting! But it happens sometimes that the anticipation of vacation (a wonderful, carefree days, fantastic impressions and only positive emotions!) better and more enjoyable for the guests. Because, unfortunately, there are plenty of moments of that and strive to spoil you vacation.

If you have already decided on the destination, watched a bunch of travel guides, has chosen the sights you want to see left to decide one very important question – “where to live?”. To your attention 5 useful tips that will help you to save both time and money.

1. Place the main emphasis on the wishes to the hotel

Maybe you are looking for just a place where you can leave things and just spend the night? Or maybe you need a high level of service and large comfortable room? It is also possible – “the Golden mean”. Define the main requirements and look for a room that would best suit. Do it better in advance, as on arrival in a place possible that your fatigue will win, and you choose “at least somewhere”. When searching for a suitable hotel, pay attention to number of stars. The more of them, especially the high level of service and comfort is given to the client.

2. Decide how much money you are willing to spend on the hotel

Of the cost of the hotel, of course, depends on many things. But, keep in mind that not always stay in a good hotel involves large costs. Often substantial discounts are waiting for you with early booking. In “low season” most of the hotels reduce prices for accommodation. Tracking these moments, you will be able to choose a good hotel at a quite affordable price.

3. Decide on the location

Here all is easier: place the location of your hotel should meet your purpose of visit. If you visit a big city and want to visit as many sights as possible, choose a hotel closer to the center with good transport interchange. If you’re on holiday by the sea, search for your hotel is among those located close to the beach.

4. Study customer reviews

For anybody not a secret that often on many online resources are “real” reviews to write the unrealistic clients. So be careful when you choose the portal with the reviews. More than 7000 real reviews can look at “”. A review here on the website can only leave a person who really lived at the hotel and booked the room using the company. A few days later after departure guest e-mail the special form with which he can share his opinion. Due to this, the probability of fake reviews on the site is reduced to zero.

5. Get the details

Also, before booking, check important details to you. For example, if a hotel has a doctor, whether carried out some repair work around. Find out the estimated time of check-in/check-out. If necessary, specify how much cot for children, what services are provided to the bride and groom. Not be amiss to find out also what is the distance from the station to the hotel, does the hotel provide Shuttle service.

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