Preparation before a long trip

Preparation before a long trip

The natural excitement of the unknown, and maybe even stress, prevent potential passenger focus in training camp. But inexorably approaching departure, combined with the complete unpreparedness enters a poor traveler in time trouble or in a stupor that they actually one and the same.

Of course, ideally it would be nice to travel around the world without the burden of suitcases, or in the extreme case, with a light case in his hand. In principle, the current level of service allows people to travel with only one plastic pocket. And if you can afford such a way, for you can only rejoice.

The rest, whose motto is — minimum baggage — maximum comfort, — in any case, it is recommended to start with making a list. Depending on your purpose of visit, it can be longer or shorter. If it’s a business trip, do not forget to include here documents and all what you actually go. But if you feel the need to relax, the list will be the longer, the more active your leisure. That is, you may need a tent, flashlight, sunblock, fins or skis, well, and so on… the List is divided into two parts — the food and other things.
Well, if you know then you can start to make a list ahead of time, by a sudden inspiration. That is, remembered — recorded. But if you need to meet to night train, and you just got back from work, then you need to take a piece of paper and a pencil, sit down in a chair, calm down and visualizing: 1. Your entire prospective the way in the road. 2. A day spent in the destination place.

The principle of making a list like this. That you mentally enter into the compartment. It would be good to change. Then write the — road suit and Slippers. Further. You are already standing near the window. Now is the time to drink coffee. Write — a favourite Cup, spoon. Woke up this morning, going to the bathroom. Write — towel. And so on. It is desirable that the things selected by you in the street, were light and multifunctional.

That is, take these Slippers, which you can not only stomp on the coupe, but to stand under the shower at the hotel. Give up your favorite, but a heavy porcelain mug in favor of a lightweight plastic, if this is not essential. The trip is a very useful thing — the kettle. Also bring such things as a knife, corkscrew, needle with thread, well etc. not to ask them then in the next compartment. Of course, if you are going to use this as a reason for Dating. However, that’s another topic.

So, the list is made. But do not rush immediately to throw things in a bag. First, put them on the table or on the sofa as you wish, simultaneously marking them in the list. So when you put the last tick, all things will be before your eyes, and you are guaranteed to do not forget. You can start packing, but first a little secret.

Pull out from the bottom of the bag cardboard bottom and lay down a sheet of polyethylene. This is for protection from puddles and snow drifts. Before you return a piece of cardboard in place, twist the blade along the edge of the shell a neat cut. In the formed memory box, place the amount needed to buy a ticket for the return journey in case of emergency. This will give you confidence, although it would be better if you think about the stash, safely back home.

Packing start with things that you will need only the arrival. So at the top will be what you will need in the near future. Soft things (clothes) try to position the inner side of the bag in order not to injure yourself with sharp corners when walking. Road to reading (something disposable, so after reading not to carry a useless weight), crossword puzzles, a pen with a Notepad, cosmetics and toiletries use of the side pockets of the bag.

A first aid kit. Everyone knows their “sores”, so don’t forget to bring along the Essentials.

Two words about the products. Don’t take a lot, so you do not impose on their neighbors in the compartment. Discard perishable, strong-smelling, and fatty and sticky products. Or drink way plenty of fluids. Don’t create unnecessary problems to themselves and others.

And if necessary be careful about the roaming charges!

By the way! And did you remember about your toothbrush? This insidious thing quite often to stay at home.

Yeah, I almost forgot — don’t throw away your list! You’ll see time will pass and he will need you again.

Well, it seems that we have gathered. Sat down on the track…

And now — a happy way! And may your journey be easy and enjoyable!

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