Top 12 travel tips, how to choose a hotel

Top 12 travel tips, how to choose a hotel

The choice of accommodation is a very important issue for any traveler. Their secrets shared a well-known blogger Ilya Varlamov.

Book hotels better not directly but through an intermediary.

Varlamov advises to choose any aggregator, preferably large. So it will be cheaper than to book directly. But if you have problems, you will help solve.

The location of the hotel

When choosing the hotel, you immediately think about where you will drive. Sometimes it is better to pay for the room anymore, but then to save time and money on the road.

Airport hotel

Often, hotels near the airport are much cheaper than in the city. And if you come just for a few days, then this option is the best, but in the city a couple of times you can go by taxi or public transport.

Always better to book hotel of the international network

Large networks monitor the quality of service, so even a chain hotel somewhere on the edge of the world will meet your expectations. But most importantly – have a large network there is much to complain about. A small hotel, you can complain by writing a maximum of a bad review on the Internet.

Don’t be shy!

Do not hesitate to demand the impossible, often it works. Feel free to complain if something does not like. For example, you can bargain down the price if you don’t have advance reservation.

Loyalty programs

Always make loyalty cards that have a network of hotels. Even if you do not plan to live permanently in hotels. Often, cards even the basic level entitles you to free Internet and early check-in.

Not so important the price of the room, as the price of additional services

This is especially true of resort hotels. Many people choose hotels for the price of the room. And then are surprised to learn that most of the money the hotel does not accommodation, and additional services. Laundry service, room service, mini bar, SPA, Internet, etc. can cost a lot of money.

Breakfast at the hotel is better not to take

There’s nothing worse than a buffet (buffet) in the morning, where a lot of delicious food, and you can’t afford anything to deny. And – Breakfast in the hotel is guaranteed to be more expensive than Breakfast in the restaurant across the street.


Varlamov admitted that he always leaves a tip for the porters, but the maid never. According to him, it is difficult to give a tip to someone who I did not see personally.

Legendary hotels

If possible, better at least one night to spend at the iconic. Every major city has one. For example, the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore or the Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong. Night in a hotel can cost $ 500, but impressions will last a lifetime.

A little trick

– One of my friends, when going to the hotel with the girl, after writing a letter stating that they have a very important date, wedding anniversary/Dating and they go to celebrate it in this hotel. Usually after that the room you receive a free bottle of champagne and other surprises, – said the blogger, although he never did.

Photos of hotel

The hotel will be always worse than the photo on the Internet. The pictures do a professional photographer, who successfully picks the camera angles, adjusts the light and processes the photograph. And the rooms are smaller than they look in the photo. To this rule there is no exception, convinces Varlamov.

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