Tourist Attractions in Cambodia are Worth the Money you spend on your Vacations Trip

Tourist Attractions in Cambodia are Worth the Money you spend on your Vacations Trip

There are many locations which are worth visiting in Cambodia and many of them are located in Battambang city, the provincial capital of Battambang province situated in the north-western region of the country. There is a distinct French influence noticeable in the city’s structures, in particular the temples of Buddha; on the other hand you can also visit some French shops to buy some traditional and antique items. As you enter the city you will get a general feeling of peace and calm, and this effect is enhanced when visitors visit the countryside which is full of greenery.

The one major attraction for every Cambodia-going tourist is the Royal Palace in the capital city of Phnom Penh. The city holds special significance in the country’s geography as it is located on the convergence of three rivers. Located by the side of river Tonle Sap is the famous Royal Palace which is house to many wonderful treasures and architectural masterpieces. ‘The Throne Room’ gives a flashback to onlookers of the highly formal rituals and coronations that took place in the days of the Kings, while the ‘The Napoleon Pavilion’ reminds us of the French influence on the country. However, ‘Silver Pagoda’ is the place which attracts the maximum number of visitors mainly due to the breathtaking life-size Buddhist statue placed there which is carved out of solid gold and decorated by diamonds and other precious jewels. The large Buddha statue is a true work of art and makes a visit to Silver Pagoda a must for every tourist. Apart from this masterpiece the whole Palace contains several much smaller Buddha sculptures made of gold.

And if you are interested in seeing some more precious jewelry, you can always direct your attention to the capital’s markets as several shops offer scintillating jewelry sets made of gold and silver. You will also find other valuable items such as old coins, paintings, cloths and, of course, the Cambodian food.

The epic of Ramayana is found its place on the walls of the Palace as scintillating fresco painting depicts this Hindu legend, while tourists also visit the National Museum to learn more about objects, statues and art works originating from period before and after Angkor.

In your trip to Cambodia you should also visit ‘Angkor’ which was the capital city of the Khmer Empire and is regarded as a center of Hinduism in the region because of its magnificent temples. Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom are two of the most famous tourist attractions in the city; meanwhile, the highly decorated gates of two temples in Bayon and Prohm are also worth visiting. Despite the fact that the city hasn’t retained its old glory and grandeur, it still has a touch of mystery and you will be fascinated by its sights and places.

You can also have a good time visiting Sihanoukville, which is a beach resort on the rise. This resort offers you an opportunity to swim in fresh waters, meanwhile you can also scuba dive or simply lay below sunshine to absorb the warmth of the Sun. In order to explore the Cambodian shores and get close to the aqua life, you easily hire a boat, or you can even visit the bordering islands to taste the beauty of Cambodia.

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