What to bring on a trip. A list of needed items and fees

What to bring on a trip. A list of needed items and fees

A list of essential travel things

To its there are ready-made interactive table with standard options, you can make your Excel worksheet and save it on your computer or use the mobile app. I write lists by hand on A4 paper, note collected by the plus sign, cross out unnecessary. Do what suits you, the main thing that you could not just look at your list, but also to interact with it. Once a well-organized list will help you in every trip. I have two basic lists: summer and winter, differences between them not much, because the principle is the same – all things are divided into categories.

Documents and money

Money and documents should be stored separately. In trips it is convenient to have a hip purse or pocket-purse, which hung on the neck and not considered a separate piece of hand Luggage.

  • Passport. Save copies of all passports on the virtual disk (Yandex, Google), you can make copies. The passport of the Russian Federation in international travel is not necessary to take
  • Medical insurance (online insurance policy may be in electronic form)
  • Tickets. Print boarding passes with online registration
  • Driver’s license, international driving license. If you go to your car: car registration, insurance green card
  • Hotel reservations, confirmation of apartments and other types of accommodation
  • Your notes: the route, phone numbers, addresses, contacts
  • Money on credit cards, cash in rubles and in foreign currency. Divide into several parts and put in different places


In chronic diseases take the medications you have been prescribed by the doctor.

  • Headache
  • Painkillers
  • From indigestion
  • From spasms
  • Aspirin
  • Bactericidal plaster
  • Chapstick

Personal hygiene items

Do not take large packages, they weigh a lot and can leak in the Luggage. If any of the cleaning supplies over, you can always buy it on the spot.

  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Razor and shaving
  • Comb
  • Wet wipes and disposable handkerchiefs
  • Shampoo, shower gel, soap. Give preference to tools 2 in 1 single packs. Keep in mind that in most hotels it will all be in the room
  • Deodorant
  • Manicure accessories (nail file, scissors). Manicure-pedicure and other treatments make before the trip
  • Decorative cosmetics. Lipstick/lip gloss, resistant mascara, small mirror
  • Hair clips, hair bands
  • The cream that you use in a small volume. Sunscreen


Before you go check and charge all devices, clear the memory. Don’t forget to take the charging, additional batteries, accumulators and adapters. To protect your mobile phone and other important items from moisture, there are hermeticly.

  • Mobile phone. While install best data plan.
  • Camera/video camera with memory card
  • Laptop, tablet (if you need them)
  • When traveling by car Navigator with downloaded maps. You can replace tablet or smartphone
  • Hairdryer (if not in the hotel and you use it)


Take complementary things: a few t-shirts to pants and shorts. One hat, one pair of street shoes, jacket, sweater, etc., prefer comfortable clothes, don’t take high heels, evening dresses and jewelry. Leave suitcase space for shopping.

  • A few changes of underwear
  • Headwear for the season
  • Shoes for street and house Slippers. Do not take new unworn pair, it is possible to RUB his feet. In the cold season it is very important that the footwear does not get wet, treat it with a special tool
  • Swimsuit or swimming trunks for a beach holiday, swimming pool or sauna


Things do not fall under a category, such as:

  • Umbrella
  • Corkscrew
  • Wrist watch
  • Small gifts for new friends
  • Guide
  • Toothpicks
  • Folding knife
  • View my list of 8 useful things in the road. From the kitchen in a suitcase


When all things are laid out, you can start to collect them. Divide things into 2 parts: what you will carry with you (hand Luggage) that will hand over in Luggage.

In your hand Luggage we need to take: money, documents, equipment (phones, camera, laptop and the list goes on, charging is not necessary), the necessary medications, personal hygiene products, Notepad and pen. If you fly a plane in hand Luggage should not be anything bladed and liquid. Grab a small book or magazine to read on the road. Read more the article of Hand Luggage. What need to take with you on the plane?

Suitcase never need to hammer until it stops. First, you may have the advantage (most of the airlines baggage allowance of one piece of baggage up to 20 kg). Second, you will be uncomfortable to search your items or get them at the request of the customs officer. Thirdly, you have no space for Souvenirs and other purchases.

Pack all liquids in a compact package, clothing, shoes and other contents evenly, for lingerie in most of the bags have a special pocket. Many suggest wringing clothes in coils, I put a stack, filling the gaps of socks and legwear. Neatly accommodate and protect things inside of a suitcase help pouches-organizers. Put a folding zipper bag, the preponderance of it would be possible to shift some things, and then to use for trips to the beach or shopping.

Are always things that need to be put at the last moment: house keys, phone, food on the road. Mark them in his list separately, so as not to forget. To protect the bag from dirt and mechanical damage it is possible to wrap the film or to buy a beautiful case, with it, your suitcase will be visible on the baggage belt.

Take the list of things that you were going with them, it will help you not to forget anything on the way back.

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