What to do at the airport if you are flying for the first time

What to do at the airport if you are flying for the first time

For those who are going to fly for the first time, we have prepared detailed instructions for use of the airports. Tips and life hacks — are included.

Flight is the fastest, and often the only way to get to a remote, but you need a point on the map. Of course, there are people flying thousands of miles and who know airports like the back of his hand. But what if it’s your first flight and you’re very vague idea of what needs to happen between buying the ticket and the separation of the aircraft from the ground?

To your attention a detailed instruction on what to do at the airport on arrival until the departure.

1. Tickets

Every journey starts with a ticket that provides you an Agency.

The email itinerary receipt you can print. The lack of printed receipts is not a reason to refuse to visit, however, the presence of a printout can help you.

2. Airport

To arrive at the airport in advance. Recommended time: two hours before departure. Feel free to add another half hour or hour to go through all the formalities without rushing and unnecessary stress, if you have to depart from an unfamiliar airport or are you taking the children with her. As a rule, the road to the airport is long, and it may be traffic jams, consider this.

Large airports are divided into terminals. Specifying which terminal will be the departure is on the form itinerary. A diagram of the terminals and the entrance to them can be viewed on the airport website. To get from one terminal to another, you may want to use the internal airport transport, usually a bus that will also take some time.

So, you are in the right terminal. At the entrance to the building of the Ukrainian airports is organized preliminary security checks. Will have to put all bags (even small personal) in the scanner for Luggage and to pass through the frame. Try before going to the airport to shift the maximum of personal belongings (keys, wallet, phone) in a bag or backpack. Will be less hassle on the inspection where you may be asked to empty your pockets.

3. Check-in and Luggage

Next, you need to find a display of departures — that is where the latest information about your flight and accommodation you need counters to check in for the flight.

At the reception, you hand over your Luggage, besides hand Luggage and receive your boarding pass. Usually, you can take one small bag and checked in bag weighing up to 20 kg. the Exact baggage policy as stated on your electronic ticket on the airline’s website.

When you register, you can ask for a certain place. Your chances increase if you come to the airport early and the airline have a choice. For flying for the first time, suggest a window seat. For those who can’t look out the window — aisle. For people with high growth actual seats at the emergency exit — there’s more space for legs.

Your boarding pass is a pass in the plane. Keep it like a passport at hand — it will always need to present.

Find it in the boarding room of the boarding gate (gate) and follow the signs. In larger airports used by these sectors, then you first need to find your sector, and then the right gate.

4. Security and passport control

Before the gate, you will need to pass inspection. If the departure abroad — and even passport control.

The degree of inspection depends on the airport. As a rule, you need to remove outer clothing, a headdress, to empty your pockets, remove the belt. Sometimes asked to remove their shoes. Abroad is usually required to get out of the bag all the electronics that you can ask enable. From time to time, the employees of inspection announced inspection rules — try to hear and to perform.

Here control liquids. Overall, all the fluids have to be transported in the Luggage. If this medication is essential — there are certain rules of transportation, you can find them on the airport website. Passport control is carried out when flying abroad. The border control officer makes sure that you can leave the country and have a visa of the host country. Also, when flying abroad, you go through customs. In the vast majority of cases need to go through the green channel — this means that you do not have the things subject to customs Declaration.

5. The waiting area and duty-free

Having passed all the inspections, you find yourself in the relegation zone. Suggest first find your departure gate, even if you have had a good time and want to go shopping. Depending on the airport, start landing on your departure can announce on the loudspeaker, and you can just invite directly at the exit — watch the time and listen carefully to announcements.

For those who came in advance, have walked around the duty-free area and do not know what to do, before landing there is a waiting area where you can drink coffee or something to eat. In the duty-free area calculation occurs upon presentation of your boarding pass and can be made in local currency, euros or dollars. Goods bought in this area to carry on Board the plane. For owners of elite cards at the airport, there is a separate waiting area, if one card doesn’t have a pass you can buy.

6. Boarding

Before boarding the plane you will once again be asked to present your boarding pass and passport. You will leave the stub of the boarding pass, there is also provided a number and place that you have to take on the plane.

Depending on the airport, passengers are transported to the aircraft by bus, or plane can drive up to the building, and then landing is via a telescopic gangway (sleeve).

And airlines and airports are trying to make your flight was as comfortable as possible. At all airports, there is a system of signs and navigate, and every employee will be happy to assist any passenger with any question.

A pleasant flight.

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